The Humour section came about in 2010 when I chanced upon this really funny website called Faking News. I sent a few write-ups to them but they didn’t publish, so I put them up here. And I never really came back here afterwards!

The Aadhaar section documents the disbelief with which I am witnessing one of biggest cons in the history of independent India. I was almost confident all this while that the Supreme Court would strike it down well in time, but things started taking a serious turn towards the end of 2015. I wrote to various citizen groups and also other people who I thought could make a difference. All such letters are published here. Now with the passage of the Aadhaar bill, we are at the threshold of losing all that was fought for and acquired by the founding fathers of our nation. The madness has to stop right here. Nilekani and co. have made all the money they could (and they should be rightly prosecuted for that), but the present and the future of all of us Indians cannot be compromised as a decoy.