Letter to Chief Justice of India Justice T.S.Thakur


Chief Justice of India Justice T.S.Thakur
Supreme Court of India
Tilak Marg,
New Delhi – 110201

[Subject: Aadhaar becoming de facto mandatory]

Dear Sir,

It would not have escaped your notice how the Govt. of India and the various state governments have embarked on an overdrive to achieve 100% Aadhaar enrolment. The target of 100% by itself means that no citizen is allowed the option to lead a life without enrolling into Aadhaar. The following two pressure points are being applied very effectively: (i) continuously harassing LPG consumers to submit their Aadhaar no. (even if they have opted out of subsidy); (ii) repeatedly issuing circulars asking school children to submit their Aadhaar no., even opening enrolment booths in schools to “facilitate” them.

Clearly, the govt. has thrown to the wind two key points in the Supreme Court order dated 11/Aug/2015:

  1. The Union of India shall give wide publicity in the electronic and print media including radio and television networks that it is not mandatory for a citizen to obtain an Aadhaar card;
  2. The production of an Aadhaar card will not be condition for obtaining any benefits otherwise due to a citizen;

It is clear that all attempts are being made to rapidly shrink the space available for a citizen to live in this country without Aadhaar. This is in spite of clear and repeated court orders in this matter. Such flagrant contempt for the rule of law is probably unprecedented.

I had written in this matter to the earlier Chief Justice of India (Justice HL Dattu) and also other members of the Constitution Bench looking into the matter (Justices MY Eqbal, C Nagappan, Arun Mishra and Amitava Roy). Attaching the same here.

It is my humble request to you to forthwith stop the Aadhaar juggernaut, so that the faith of the people of India in the Supreme Court and in the rule of law is restored.


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