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Letter to Mr. Jairam Ramesh

Jairam Ramesh emerged as one of the few politicians to raise the correct questions regarding Aadhaar and the fraudulent passage of the concerned bill. His belated awakening looks to be more a personal one, as it was his own party that pioneered this grand con. The picture of an Aadhaar-enabled future is sure to rattle any right thinking person, as probably Mr. Jairam has come to realise. This letter was posted to his New Delhi address on 29/Apr/2016, requesting him to shed any further pretence of political correctness. Continue reading

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Letter to Supreme Court Constitution Bench

In the aftermath of the rather dramatic passage of the Aadhaar bill, this letter was posted on 4/Apr/2016 to all members of the SC Constitution Bench that was looking into Aadhaar. Continue reading

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