Letter to Mr. Jairam Ramesh


Shri Jairam Ramesh,
C-1/9, Lodhi Garden,
Rajesh Pilot Marg,
New Delhi – 110003

[Subject: Aadhaar should be scrapped]

Dear Sir,

It was interesting to note your questions in the Parliament regarding Aadhaar. You wanted to know what the future holds for a citizen (like yourself) who has till now chosen not to enrol himself. The amendments you moved seek to keep Aadhaar voluntary.

It might not have missed your notice that Aadhaar had already been made mandatory, even before the bill was passed, in various pockets of our country, for certain categories of people (read destitute). It seems to me you were counting yourself in a select club all these years, while the UPA govt. was pushing Aadhaar on the sly, knowing fully well that the well-heeled could hide behind the Supreme Court order. Now with the present govt. getting really serious, you see the full force of Aadhaar coming at you, and how naked it could leave you consequently. Please note that the poor are no more interested in standing naked than you or me.

Aadhaar is not worth even being voluntary. There are enough voluntary identity cards, like passport, PAN card, etc., each of which serve a specific purpose. Aadhaar has no specified purpose, nor is fit to serve any, as has already been established from field deployments in Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan. Its unsaid purpose is to serve as the backbone of an all-powerful, all-pervasive state.

The passage of the Aadhaar bill has precipitated matters. It may be very late in the day, but I think you should go beyond asking Aadhaar to be kept voluntary, to demanding its scrapping altogether. You have an opportunity to redeem yourself of the original sin committed by your party and government.


PS: Some of the other letters I have written, here – https://bulletman.wordpress.com/category/aadhaar/
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